Photographer Reloaded... The latest goings-on in the world of Danny Higgins Photography!

We get set for a good 'ol Summer Fete


We're thrilled to be working with the Sealed Knot in a couple of weeks at the Claydon House Super Summer Fete! You'll be able to bring your kids to get their photo taken in full battle fancy dress alongside actors from the Sealed Knot battle re-enactment charity!
The annual Summer Fete is on 4th August at Claydon House, a fantastic National Trust property in Middle Claydon, Buckinghamshire. There will be loads of other activities to keep the kids (and parents) quiet throughout the day, including foodstalls, a bar, and facepainting for the Parents...
Let's keep our fingers crossed for a little sunshine! For more info, keep an eye out on Claydon Houses' Facebook page - ...more

We kick start a project to support Charity Fundraisers this Summer


2012 is proving to be an amazing year for Britain! With inspirational sporting, cultural and celebration events organised and run by ordinary folk over the Summer, many people have found a way to feed off the excitement of the many celebrations this year to help others.

We're celebrating the many Great Britons doing something amazing for charity this Summer! By taking their portrait photograph, creating a collection of inspiring fundraisers, helping them promote their event or activity and generating even more publicity and donations for their chosen cause!

If you're taking part or organising a sporting event, cultural event or any fundraising activity, get in touch and we'll take a great portrait photograph of you for FREE, add you and your story to our 'Great Britons' Facebook page along with a link to your charity website and Justgiving page and help to promote your cause through the press and online.
If you run a charity organisation, why not nominate someone to appear on your behalf, giving even more visibility to your charitable aims.
The more people that get involved, the bigger the potential support we can gain for the project and the greater the donations we hope to achieve - keep your eyes peeled for exciting news of how your fundraising efforts might become bigger than you expect!

“Great Britons...” is our way of waving the flag for the people who are doing amazing things for others. So get in touch and let us share your story!

For more information, or to book a Great Britons portrait, send us details of your fundraising efforts, your chosen charity, and any preferred dates for your photoshoot. ...more

Celebrating National Photography Month at Bucks Open Studios 2012


We'll be helping to celebrate National Photography Month this June with an exhibition at the Clare Foundation as part of Bucks Open Studios.
Along with 31 other artists at the unique venue in Saunderton, we'll be open from 9th-24th June 2012.
We'll be showing some of our personal landscape photographs, and showcasing our portrait photography services too, with some fantastic offers exclusively for visitors!
Not only that, we'll be holding a photography surgery for anyone that wants to pop in and ask a question on anything from how to take a great portrait, to understanding shutter speeds and apertures, or even how to turn on your new camera! No question is too simple - we'll be there to help you take a better summer snapshot!

The Clare Foundation group exhibition will be open daily 10am to 5pm weekdays and Saturdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays between the 9th and 24th June.
I'll be there in person on the following dates:

Saturday 9th June
Monday 11th June
Wednesday 13th June
Friday 15th June
Monday 18th June (PM)
Wednesday 20th June (PM)
Friday 22nd June
Saturday 23rd June (AM)

The photography surgery will be open on the following days. Contact us if you'd like to come and ask us anything:

Saturday 9th June (AM)
Wednesday 13th June (PM)
Monday 18th June (PM)
Saturday 23rd June (AM)

(Subject to change - check back here before you travel!)

The Clare Foundation can be found on the A4010 Wycombe Road in Saunderton. It's home to a fantastic organisation giving office space and business support to many charities, allowing them to save money and ultimately invest more of their resources into funding the beneficiaroes of their cause, and less on running their businesses. A percentage of all sales from the artists in residence will go to supporting this amazing organisation.

For more details about the hundreds of events happening around the county for Bucks Open Studios, pick up the 2012 directory cafes, libraries, pubs and galleries near you, or take a look online at

Hope to see you there sometime! ...more

FREE Photography surgery over Bucks Open Studios!


Friends and customers over the past few months have been asking for help to take a good photo! So, as June is National Photography Month, we've decided to hold a FREE Photography surgery during Bucks Open Studios!

Come and visit us at the Clare Foundation over Bucks Open Studios week, and you can ask us (just about) anything! Whether you're stuck on shutter speeds, anxious about apertures, perplexed about posing or just can't figure out how to turn your camera on, we'll be there to help answer your questions, as well as showing you some of our lovely landscape and architectural photos and a few portraits too!

Whilst the Open Studios is on from 9th-24th June, the photography surgery will be open on the following days. Contact us if you'd like to come and ask us anything:

Saturday 9th June (AM)
Wednesday 13th June (PM)
Monday 18th June (PM)
Saturday 23rd June (AM) ...more

Professional headshots can help your business grow, or your presence known!


It's National Small Business Week in the USA this week - it may seem a thousand miles away, but with the ever-present internet, the world is smaller than ever before.

Which is why positioning your business or personal profile online has become more and more important! It's your first impression as potential clients, employers and talent-hunters use convenient tools such as Linked In and Facebook before anything else.

Whether you are a banker, marketeer, IT technician or an up-and-coming actor, model, musician or author, a professional headshot will help bolster your image and help your business grow.
No professional worth their salt should be happy with a holiday snap as their professional profile image - online or otherwise - so have a think about how you would like to present yourself to your clients, and give us a call! We will help you create a polished look that you can be proud of.

Here are a few ideas to make the best first impression every time...

Linked In: a good clear black and white portrait says professional and confident.
Facebook: can be a little more relaxed, and with the new Timeline layout there are even more opportunities to create a strong impact on your Facebook page - personal or professional
Professionals: Nothing undermines your qualifications and achievements quite like a shot of you in the pub with your mates. A great online headshot can also be used in your CV, publications and even company reports.
Actors and Models: Members of Spotlight and casting directors will tell you that a high quality headshot or two that show a true likeness of you in your best light along with several moods will lead to auditions, jobs and many other opportunities. A powerful presence, with understated hair and makeup will put you across as extremely versatile.
Authors: Your readers will enjoy a chance to put your face to your name. A professional headshot fitting your writing style looks great in book jackets and websites, and can help you build your brand in the publishing world.
Reporters, Columnists, Bloggers: much like authors, your readers will want to put a face to your name. However, your headshot shouldn’t be too dramatic. Your portrait should create a sense of confidence and poise.
Musician: An established artist or a new kid on the block (not the band!)? A good headshot showing your trademark wardrobe and instrument is a great addition to your press kit, website and other marketing materials. Your album art does one thing. Your headshot should show you as a confident and trustworthy professional.
Everyone else! No matter what field you work in, or even if you're a student, if you want to create a professional image, update your website and marketing materials with a professional headshot. Just take a look at Linked In and see which people you'd want to hire for your business, or trust with your next job. Chances are they'll be the ones with a professional corporate headshot. Now - how's your profile looking?...

We can come to you, and aim not to interrupt your busy schedule, so show those American small businesses a thing or two and contact us for your affordable headshot portrait today. ...more

Don'ts for Husbands - After you've wed, tips for Husbands from 1913 on how to stay happy!


After sharing our "Don'ts for Wives" book last time, here are some more early 1900's tips - "Don'ts for Husbands" Enjoy!
  • Don't sit down for breakfast in your shirt-sleeves in hot weather on the ground that 'only your wife' is present. She is a woman like any other woman. The courtesies you give to womankind are her due, and she will appreciate them.
  • Don't condescend; you are not the only person on the house with brains.
  • Don't forget that you are not immortal. What chance will she have if you die and leave her with no knowledge of the ways of the wicked world?
  • Don't let all the economising be on your wife's side. Perhaps you could do with a little less tobacco, or fewer cigars or cigarettes, or fewer taxis, if you tried.
  • Don't interfere with your wife's household management. Nothing upsets servants more than interference in matters of detail from the master of the house.
  • Don't pet your wife when her little finger aches until she images herself a martyr to ill-health, when there is really nothing wrong with her.
  • Don't expect to have a hobby in which you get the enjoyment while your wofe does the hard work. If you profess to like gardening, don;t tie up a rose here and there while your wife does all the hard weeding; if poultry-keeping is your hobby, don;t expect her to do all the feeding, and the letting out and in of the birds; if photography, don;t confine your work to the taking of snapshots, leaving her to do the developing and printing while you take the credit. ...more

Don'ts for Wives - After you've wed, tips from 1913 on how to stay happy!


We found these great little books - "Don'ts for Wives' and 'Don'ts for Husbands" taken from advice from 1913 - and gave them to one another on our wedding morning. Neither of us knew the other had bought it! Here are a few of the more amusing tips for Wives. Enjoy!
  • Don't moralise by way of winning back the love that seems to be waning. Make yourself extra charming and arrange delicious dinners which include all your husband's favourite dishes.
  • Don't put on airs with your husband. If you can't be natural with him you shouldn't have married him.
  • Don't vegetate as you grow older if you happen to live in the country. Some women are like cows, but there is really no need to stagnate. Keep both brain and body on the move.
  • Don't omit to pay your husband an occasional compliment. If he looks nice as he comes in dressed for the opera, tell him so. If he has been successful with his chickens, or his garden, or his photography, compliment him on his results. Don't let him have to fall back on self-esteem all the while for want of a little well-directed praise.
  • Don't 'manage' your husband too visibly. Of course, he may require the most careful management, but you don't want your friends to think of him as a hen-pecked husband. Above all, never let him think you manage him.
  • Don't be satisfied to let your husband work overtime to earn money for frocks for you. Manage with fewer frocks. ...more

An artistic weekend heads up a crafty summer


Whilst others were enjoying the glimmer of sunshine, the football or snooker on telly or the ever-beckoning DIY, our Bank Holiday weekend was spent in the glorious grounds of the Waddesdon estate as we exhibited and photographed the Artists' and Makers' Fair at the Glass House - the first of our craft shows for the year, and the perfect preparation for Bucks Open Studios in June.

There were many artists, from glassmakers to potters, painters and of course photographers showing and demonstrating their work to thousands of visitors keen to spy a bargain, or just soak up the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the abundance of talent on display. As well as selling some of our personal landscape photographs, and showing our Sally Evans Events and showcase Buckinghamshire talent at events throughout the county. ...more

Get ready for the largest arts and crafts event in Buckinghamshire


It's only a few weeks until the largest arts and crafts event in the county kicks off again in earnest. Bucks Open Studios is an annual event which sees hundreds of artsts and makers open the doors of their studios and galleries for FREE for a fortnight to show their talents and sell their work. Now into it's second decade, it's a great opportunity for visitors to see artists in action, perhaps try their hand at some new craft tequniques, and pick up a few unique pieces of art too. The 2012 directory lists every one of the artists participating, and is now available to pick up in cafes, libraries, pubs and galleries near you, or take a look online at

Following a successful Open Studios in 2011, we've chosen to join over 30 other artists at a new venue this year, and will be showingsome of our personal landscape photographs, and showcasing our ...more

Top tips for a calm and relaxed Wedding


Preparing for a wedding can be stressful and exhausting. Yet on the day you are expected to be the calmest person there, enjoying every moment! Let these few tips, taken from the 'Wedding book of Calm' help you get through it...
  • It's tempting to think you can organise everything in a weekend - but don't! Allow yourself a buffer zone between planning each stage. You'll be so much calmer and you'll enjoy yourself so much more along the way.
  • Don't obsess about not having enough money for the wedding you want. Instead, focus on what you can afford - and go all out to get it!
  • Just because he isn't interested in the colour of the confetti or the bridesmaids' outfits, doesn't mean he doesn't care about the wedding - or you!
  • It's going to be impossible to do everything yourself, so delegate. Don't worry about burdening friends and family - they'll be only too delighted to help - but be specific about what you want others to do.
  • Remember: you can't please all of the people all of the time. For once in your life, don't get stressed out over appearing selfish.
  • It isn't your job to worry about how each guest is going to get to the wedding. Provide them with maps and trust them to get there. They will!
  • Begin the big day as calmly as possible by making sure your timetable allows for a long soak in the bath and a cup of tea. That way you should feel nice and serene when it's time to get dressed.
  • As you enter the wedding venue, remember that everyone there wishes you well and wants the very best for you and your husband-to-be. Use their feelings of love and goodwill to soothe your nerves.
  • After such a big day, you're bound to feel a little drained. Take a moment to look around you and smile... You're married!
    That last one is vital for us wedding photographers to get some great photos of you during your big day! Don't leave the reflection to the end of the day! Enjoy! ...more

Win a free maternity photoshoot at the Bump and Beyond show!


Expecting a new addition to the family? Your new addition just arrived? Amongst the preparation, mounds of nappies and sleepless nights, why not take a couple of hours to visit the Bump and Beyond show in Aylesbury's Friars Square next Sunday (13th May) where you'll be able to meet many local companies to make your new life easier and more enjoyable! We'll be there, showing some of our pregnancy photography and baby photography with fantastic show special offers and even a chance to win a FREE photoshoot!
The show starts at 10am on Sunday 13th May in Friars Square shopping centre. See you there! ...more

How to ensure your wedding photos are ones you'll look back on and love forever


You've had dance lessons and practiced not tread on one another's toes during the first dance. He's written and practiced his speech. You've both practiced saying 'I do' in front of the mirror (but neither of you will admit to it). Have you considered practicing for the wedding photographs?
Your wedding photographer will be well versed in getting the best from his Bride and Groom, however the number of times we've heard the words "I don't look good in pictures" and " I hate it when I smile in photos" never ceases to amaze! Indeed, very few people like their photograph - You look 'back to front' compared to what you see in the bathroom mirror. You're nervous and can't hold the cheesy grin for more than a few seconds without looking slightly insane, and your holiday photos always seem to put a few pounds on you!
That's why you've hired a professional photographer. We know how to make you look amazing, and more often than not, it's by capturing the 'real you'. Natural photographs taken to maximise the height of the bride, and minimise the number of chins on the groom! However, you can always help by knowing how best to hold yourself when being photographed. Here are 5 top tips for getting the best from your wedding photography:
1. Know what you want
If you're anything like many brides, you'll have been planning your wedding day since you were 5 years old. Even if you haven't you'll have spent some time looking at magazines, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at dresses and flowers and will have seen many photographs you love and several you don't. If you have a good idea of a photograph you'd like to recreate, then let us know! Rip a few ideas from your magazines and show us when we meet, and tell us if they're for the album or to be made into a huge canvas above the fireplace. That way we'll have a better understanding of what images will make your day! If we agree to take some similar poses, then have some fun practicing them in front of the mirror and with your partner!
2. Don't pose!
Eh? OK, so your photographer will ask you to stand in a certain place, and maybe to place your hand on the Groom's shoulder. Little movements and directions that help you look great, but we're not expecting the Groom to throw the 'man at C&A' catalogue poses, or you to stare into the distance whilst thrusting the chest forward and the bum out. You don't need to 'smise' like America's Top Model. Just be yourself, smile naturally and have fun.
3. Take 5
Chances are, from the minute you woke in the morning, through the rush to the church and the beautiful ceremony, saying 'hi' to all those friends and family you've not seen in ages, checking on the cake, the flowers, the parents... the first time you'll get to stop, reflect on your wedding ceremony and spend a little time with one another will be during your wedding photographs. We'll often ask you to take a slow walk around the venue, taking beautiful natural photographs of you both just enjoying one another's company. So take his arm, laugh about the little things you've seen and heard, give him a kiss or two and enjoy a few moments of relaxation before heading back to your guests. Our brides often tell us their photograph session is the only time their day slowed down and look back on the photographs with fond memories of spending time together. "I felt like a movie star... you know how to make people relax and enjoy.” we've been told.
4. Some dos and dont's
Do smile naturally. Don't be afraid to chat during your photos - hopefully he'll make you laugh and your smile will be natural. Don't try to hold a smile if it feels unnatural. Do keep your head up a little (both of you). If you're not a size zero, and you're worried about your arms, drop your veil over them a little - they'll appear slimmer as a result. Don't stand straight on to the camera, try to face into or away from your groom and look at the camera slightly over your shoulder. Don't hold the bouquet up in every photo. Do show him some love. Don't rush the poses - your guests aren't going anywhere! Do enjoy it!
5. Book a pre-wedding shoot
There's nothing like a practice run to build your confidence in front of the camera! Why not consider booking an engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot a few weeks before the big day? We'll spend an hour or two at a venue close to your hearts and walk you through some posing ideas. You'll get to know your wedding photographer, building a relationship with him, before the craziness of your wedding day. What's more, you'll come away with some amazing portraits which you could consider turning into your invitations or thank-you cards etc.
Relax, listen to your photographer, and have fun, and your wedding photographs are guaranteed not to fill you with horror every time you open your album! ...more

Ponies and scrums - a month of sports photography in the great outdoors


If our Facebook updates have seemed a little lacking recently, and out tweets few and far between, that's because we've been busy away from the desk and out in the countryside! Over the past few weeks, we've been working with some talented event photographers covering various sporting events from School Rugby tournaments, to National Equestrian events in the wilds of Gloucestershire where mobile reception and internet connection seem to be something of a luxury!
A touch of Equestrian event photography is just the ticket to sharpen your lens skills behind the camera, and your printing and PC skills behind the desk too, as it was all hands on deck for first the Team Chase event in Market Harborough, then the busy Blue Chip Winter Showjumping Championships and the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships taking place over 2 weeks. The fortnight was proving to be the busiest our colleagues at Hoofprints had experienced at the National shows, and only the best was expected from the participants, many of whom were regular National competitors. And with daily start times before 7.30, and the show closing well into the evening, we were all glad of a proper rest once the event had drawn to a close this weekend.
But no rest for the industrious - another rugby tournament and a Black Tie dinner event on their way next weekend. That's the life of a pro photographer it seems! ...more

When your Best Mate is not necessarily your Best Man! Choosing the best Best Man...


So you thought building up the courage to ask her to marry you was tricky? You thought negotiating flowers and colour schemes was a potential minefield? Wait until you have to pick a Best Man for your wedding! It's all very easy to choose your best mate of the moment, but perhaps not always the wisest option...
First off, think about the job... what does a Best Man have to do on the day? Depending on how demanding you are, the 'lucky fella' will need to cope with the following tricky tasks:

    Arranging a great stag do.
    Whether it involves a night of beers in Blackpool, a week of adult entertainment in Amsterdam, or a weekend of extreme sports Exmouth, the Best Man is expected to organise it, book it, ensure everyone gets there (and more challengingly back again) safely. And ensure not one word of what happened gets back to your Fiancee!
    Skills required: organisation skills, financial competency, silencing tactics
    Look after the rings.
    There's only two rings to hold on to for a maximum of a few hours. Not difficult. However a man of a nervous disposition will find that there are an awful lot of pockets in a morning suit, and those rings do have a habit of 'hiding'. Especially at the moment they must be presented, at which point, trembling hands - both from nerves and the effects of last night's stag do drinks - can really struggle to get a grip!
    Skills required: dextrous fingers, control of nerves, control of hangover
    Control the crowds.
    As wedding photographers we find that managing the guests and bridal party is vital to getting the best photographs of the day. Organisation becomes almost second nature to us, but then we do this a lot! Your poor Best Man, along with his merry band of ushers, will have to exude confidence, advise where everyone should be and when, all without upsetting Aunty Maud or worse... the vicar. Is he a man or a mouse? If it's the latter, you might want to consider hiring a Master of Ceremonies instead!
    Skills required: timekeeping skills, booming voice, cattle prod?
    Be there for you.
    As the Groom, you should not need to worry about a thing on your big day. Expect your Best Man to be on hand with a full pint (you will put down and lose a drink approximately every five minutes), to take care of the bills for the DJ etc, and be ready to make you look good during the wedding photographs. We've yet to personally see a groom upstaged in front of the camera by his best man, but we've heard stories...
    Skills required: Ability to get served at the bar, cash management, looking good...but not too good
    The Speech.
    Ah. The Speech.
    You can ignore everything above if you can be confident your Best Man has the speech pitched right. Only you know how far your Best Man will go. Only you know how much HE knows. Only you will know - at about 2 minutes in - whether you have chosen the best Best Man for the job...
    Skills required: tact, humour, ability to hold his drink
    Good luck! ...more

So you've set a date. Now who will you ask to be your Bridesmaids?!


He asked the big question and you said YES! But who should you ask to join you on your big day? Your Bridesmaids need to be close to you, and willing to help on the day, and there's always potential to upset those you don't choose! To help you through this dilemma, we've put together some things to consider before you choose your bridesmaids.

Numbers: Most wedding planners recommend a bridesmaid for every 50 guests in attendance. If you have a small wedding, it might look odd if bridesmaids outnumber guests. On the other hand, for a big wedding, it might look less formal to only have one maid of honour. From a wedding photographer's perspective, it’s always nice to have a matching number of bridesmaids and groomsmen in the wedding photographs, and they'll all have someone to dance with later too! So take your fiancé’s expectations into consideration as well.

Etiquette: Once you have a number in mind, be sure you don’t ruffle any feathers. If you have sisters, they should always be included, even if you don’t get along that well. It’s perfectly OK to have your best friend as your maid of honour, but it’s rude to leave family members out of the bridal party!

Reliability: You probably have lots of dear friends that you would love to share your big day with, but keep in mind that you will rely on them for many things—least of all looking polished for the wedding photographs and the ceremony, and most of all—moral support. If your friend is always late, worried more about her appearance than yours, or tend to get tipsy at the sniff of bubbly, think twice about including them...

The Proposal: Yes, it's your turn to propose! You have chosen your special friends who will stand next to you on your big day, but it’s still appropriate to ask them to honour you in this way. After all, it is a big commitment of time and money for them, so a more formal request goes a long way.

Gifts: Whilst it’s common for bridesmaids to buy their own dresses, it’s a thoughtful gesture to buy them some jewellery or a trinket for the wedding day. You can choose something that coordinates with the dresses, which will also make a great gift for them to remember the occasion. If this is a little over the top, why not consider booking a group portrait photographyphotoshoot for you and the girls before the wedding day as a nice way to get to know one another and bet excited about the big day!

And remember, if you couldn’t include everyone you wanted to as a bridesmaid, don’t forget that there are other ways for them to be involved in your big day. They could do a reading during the ceremony or perform a musical number during the reception (as long as they can sing of course!). And of course they can still be invited to the hen night! ...more