So you're thinking of changing your School Photographer? TIP 3

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Many schools & preschools use larger companies simply because they are more visible with a bigger marketing budget than smaller operators. However it's NOT always the case that they can offer a more professional and reliable service.
Many larger companies take on new photographers from adverts saying ‘no experience needed’ who are sent out to Schools after a short period of training. This approach doesn't replace real photographic knowledge and experience built up over years. They may offer low prices, but overbook jobs and then use part-timers and freelancers to cover them. In this case, you’ll probably get a different photographer every year and the calibre of the work may vary. This practice is likely to effect sales and result in complaints from parents.

It’s worth remembering that if a photographer really excels at school photography, they often work for themselves or full-time for a smaller company.
A growing number of schools & preschools prefer to use smaller companies and local independent photographers as they often find they provide a much higher quality of photography and a more flexible service. Many smaller companies and independents are from a wedding and portrait photography background which many in our industry feel is the ideal combination of skills. Plus you’re more likely to get the same photographer every time. If they are also SPP accredited, this will indicate that they have satisfied school and/or preschool customers that use them for repeat business.

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