Photography helping great Schools and Nurseries stand out

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Photography helping great Schools and Nurseries stand out

Schools and Nurseries need to stand out more now than ever before. With budgets squeezed and competition on the increase, it's down to a clear marketing strategy and creating a good impression that will make the difference.

Great Promotional School Photography and videos are more important now, as websites become the first port of call for parents of prospective students to quickly gain an understanding of what the School or Nursery has to offer, and their Values. However, it's surprising how many use stock imagery that says nothing about how they differ from their competitors.

With our background in Marketing in big multi-national companies, our approach to promotional photography is wholly bespoke, gathering a deep understanding of the requirements of each School or Nursery before capturing great photographs that meet and exceed every expectation. These images and videos are then used to develop superb website design, through to prospectuses and now striking photography displays throughout the School which not only brightens communal areas, but generates interest for visiting parents (at Open Days etc) and excitement and engagement for students.

Not only that, we've some superb hi-tech solutions to help your School stand out, from our exclusive 'moving prospectus', bringing images to life with video content, to our 'School in your pocket' mobile app, allowing you to communicate directly with parents through push notifications and reminders.

Want to learn more? Get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you stand out from the crowd.