A special kind of portrait

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A special king of portrait
Increasingly there are more and more photographers who profess to delivering a great photoshoot for you and your family. Often the experiences - and 'poses' - are similar: why try anything new when you've another client waiting to rush in straight after you?
We like to do things a bit differently and approach each family photography session as separate and unique, usually with only one shoot planned for any one day. Take this for example - Arthur has just turned 18 and is crazy about fencing. He's not too keen to have his photo taken, but - like any lad of his age - would appreciate a strong image of him and his hobby. A brief chat and some creative lighting later, and together we created this striking image which is due to adorn his wall very soon.
If you'd like a photo which is personal to you, and are willing to take the time to chat to us about it beforehand, get in touch and we'll create some stunning art for you too!